Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sage Education Days 5 - Day One

Greetings from Sage Education Days 5.  About 30-35 of us are gathered at the University of Washington until Friday to work on using Sage in the classroom.  Today's schedule is below.

June 19
9:30 AM
Sage Cell Server
Jason Grout
Using Sage cell to create an online text
Karl-Dieter Crisman
Sage Cloud
William Stein
Working groups
4:40 PM
Status Reports
5:00 PM
Ten-minute survey

The Sage Cell Server looks very promising.  Basically, it allows a single Sage cell to be embedded as a link into a webpage, a pdf document, etc.  Go to to get started.

William Stein demonstrated the Sage Cloud (    This is going to replace the notebook.

During the afternoon, we had time to circulate or work on projects.  I worked on updating the solutions manual for AATA and getting everything into XML.  I also spoke with several people about the next steps for UTMOST.

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