Friday, June 17, 2011

Sage Edu Days - Day Two

Day Two

My talk was the first one of the morning. I spoke on teaching abstract algebra this spring with Sage. Sage worksheets and slides are on the wiki

Karl-Dieter Crisman (Gordon College) spoke on teaching number theory with Sage. Karl-Dieter uses a little more programming in his number theory course than I do in my abstract algebra course. Programming tends to scare my students, so I decided not to tell them that they were programming or using Python (on Rob Beezer's advice). Ideally, I would like them to come to my office and beg me to be able to use a "for loop." Karl-Dieter's published worksheets are available at

Watching Vector Fields in 3-D

Linear Algebra Lab Manual

Ryan Grout (Brigham Young University and Jason Grout's younger brother) spoke about the decision to use Python (and Sage) instead of MatLab as part of a new, NSF funded curriculum at BYU on computational and applied mathematics. The choice to use Python (and Sage) over MatLab was made because of the need of a more general programming language than MatLab provides. The lab manuals are student written. The decision to make the lab manuals open source was made within the last month or so. Labs are not available online yet, but this could start to happen today.


Dan Drake (KAIST, Korea) gave the technical talk of the morning, getting and executing Sage commands in your LaTeX documents. Really neat examples! Dan showed how to offload some the the LaTeX work into Sage.

Important! Make sure that you use the correct style file. It has to match the version of Sage that you are using.

Status Reports

Technical reports and Sage Edu Days reports were combined this afternoon. Video reports will be available on the wiki Personally, I got sagetex and the textbook conversion process working, gave a talk, and attended the UTMOST PI meeting.

Michael Gage is working embedding JMOL into WeBWork and getting single cell Sage applets into WeBWork. Getting Sage into WeBWork is still a long ways away. Jason Aubrey is working on embedding WebWork problems into the Sage notebook. Progress is being made.

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