Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Day 3 at the AIM MBX Workshop—More on Git, Graphics and WebWork into MBX

It's Day 3 at the Open textbooks in MathBook XML Workshop at American Institute of Mathematics. The morning was filled with presentations on getting graphics into MathBook XML and how to use WeBWork with MathBook XML.

First let's do a follow up on Git.  You can install a command line version of Git and xsltproc on Windows.  If you search on google, you will find what you need to know, but the following pictures may help.

A note on using the GitHub app instead of opening a terminal window and using the command line version of Git.  According to Rob Beezer, "Using a front-end app is like using recreational drugs.  At first it will be really cool and a lot of fun, but it will eventually ruin your life."  He was thinking of me when he said this.  After being burned badly and scolded by Rob, I NEVER use the GitHub app.

Alex Jordan give a great presentation on how to integrate WeBWork into MBX.  I missed the first part of the presentation, so checkout out Rob Beezer's blog ( for more information.

Finally, I gave a talk on how TikZ and how to get Sage plots and graphics into MathBook XML (

As usual, we spend the afternoon in break out sessions.

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