Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 4 at the AIM MBX Workshop—More on graphics and a library tour

I have thought a little more about how graphics in MBX in the last 24 hours.  There is a difference between graphics on the printed page (e.g., a PDF copy of your book) and the web (an HTML version).  Printed graphics are static but graphics on a web page need to be able to scale.  And there are raster images as well as vector graphics images.  You might have photos, images from a previous project, images produced by a third party program such as GeoGebra, or you might be generating your images in your MBX project.  Here is a flow chart illustrating the process for getting graphics into MBX.

After helping a few other people over the last few days, I have realized how important it is to keep things organized.  If you are not organized, neither you or MathBook XML will be able to find the files that they need to generate your book.  While there is no one way to set up the directories on your computer, the following picture may give you some ideas.

See the chapter on processing, tools and workflow in Rob Beezer's MathBook XML Author's Guide (

To keep abreast of the most recent issues in MBX, subscribe to the Google Group, "mathbook-xml-support."

Now for the really cool part of the day—a trip to the AIM Library.  When David Farmer announced that we were going to tour the AIM library after lunch, I assumed that we were going to be led over the book shelves in AIM.  Instead, we went downstairs to a beautiful library were the "real books" were housed.  We were able to view rare mathematics books, some of which were printed in the 15th century.  Notice the author on the title page of the book in the first photo below.  Really cool!!!

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